Services & Rates

Please note, until we find a replacement for our core director, we can not accept proposals from "for profit" groups.




Genome-scale Screening

guide RNA Library Cloning

Ready-to-Use Library Sale

Staff Service/hour


        Subsidized Internal Rates







  Subsidized External Academic 







        External for Profit Rates Currently suspended







Custom projects ( such as Cell Line generation and Plasmid Generation) are available and the fee will be calculated by the time and reagent cost.

Human and mouse CRISPRi and CRISPRa libraries (and other specialized libraries) are available for distribution.  One hour staff service ($104) will be applied to cover staff time.


The recharge will be administered via MyCORES. Core users must have  both MyAccess ID and MyCORES account in order to request services.

Affiliate & external users, please read this link here.