News & Seminars

We have two unique monthly meeting serieses on campus. CRISPR Developer's meeting is for researchers who are interested in developing a new CRISPR-based technoloy, while CRISPR User's meeting is to share knowhows of using existing CRISPR technologies.


CRISPR User's Meeting

The goal of this meeting is to promote the use of existing technology and trouble-shoot together. This will be one hour meeing comosed of  two 20 min presentations, one for technique-orientated discussion and the other to show research applications. Please contact [email protected]  or [email protected] to learn more!

Next meeting will be on August 15 (Tuesday), 4:00pm at Helen Diller Auditorium. 

Luke Gilbert (HDFCC) will talk about use of CRISPRi system.

For the second half of the meeting, we will have a round table discussion on how to set up a collaborative platform for CRISPR resources within the UCSF community (please bring your suggestions and questions to share).



CRISPR Developer’s Meeting 

The goal of this monthly meeting is to develop new CRISPR-based technology. If you are interested in join, please contact [email protected]​.

Due to travel schedules, we will not have a CRISPR Developers’ meeting in August. We will resume monthly meetings September 11 at 4 pm - more details closer to that date.